Dr Zahra K.N. Murad is currently the Director of the UKM Center, Faculty of Economic and Business, Universitas Indonesia (UKMC FEB UI). She has held an academic position in the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economic and Business, Universitas Indonesia since 2011. She also received her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Universitas Indonesia. She is a Fulbright scholar and holds a master’s degree in Economics from Georgia State University. She has received an Australia Awards Scholarship for her Doctorate degree in Econometrics and Business Statistics from Monash University.
Over the past 15 years, she has consulted for several international organisations, civil society organisations, NGOs, and the government. She has also held an editorial position at Jurnal Kebijakan Ekonomi, Universitas Indonesia. Prior to her role in at UKMC FEB UI, she served as a Research Fellow and Adjunct Research Associate at the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, Monash University, Australia. Her research interests include development economics, microfinance, financial inclusion, women empowerment, MSMEs, entrepreneurship and innovation.