I am an applied Business Researcher with Consultant mindset. I also have a knack in Marketing, research, and Human Capital Management. Along the way, it helps me to creatively craft solution for my clients, e.g. designing competency model for salesperson, branding a management trainee program, KPI for marketing function, designing regression model to pinpoint the optimal number of employees needed, etc. I am eager and looking forward to blend them in my next projects.
In order to achieve in life, I believe that attitudes should go along with aptitude. That is why I always seek for tasks, training, projects, and career that can significantly improve them. You may find more details in the following section. In terms of character, people around me told me that I am humorous, resilient, and curious.
I love creating new professional acquaintances, feel free to contact me ( if you want to talk about HR, marketing, or traveling and sports.