UKMC at a Glance 

It has been widely acknowledged that MSME’s are the lifeblood of the Indonesia’s economy. They significantly contribute to GDP, in employment creation and to the number of establishments in the business landscape within the country. In addition to that, their socio-economic role as a safety net during the shock cannot be neglected. Given such a strategic role, the empowerment and development of MSME is essential.

UKM Center (UKMC) is a center of excellence in the Faculty of Economic and Business University of Indonesia that focuses on the empowerment of MSME and the development of entrepreneurship. Established in 2005, the Center addresses concerns – by delivering comprehensive solutions – on those issues, relating to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).


To be a leading center of excellence of MSME empowerment and entrepreneurship development in Indonesia and ASEAN


Contribute in knowledge advancement for MSME empowerment and entrepreneurship development

Provide an integrated services of capacity building for MSME empowerment and entrepreneurship development

Actively cultivate the proliferation of an ecosystem for MSME empowerment and entrepreneurship development

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Our Team

Zahra Kemala Nindita Murad, Ph.D


Dr. Ir. Nining I. Soesilo, MA


Siti Aminah

Sekretaris Pimpinan

Ayu Widya Rachmawati

Aliyyah Inantha Putri

Dine Irnawati

Fahnia Chairawaty

M. Miqdad Robbani

Mutia Azahra

Nur Riani Putri

Safira Hairunnisa

Yuli Dwi Ermawati

Widya Sulistyowati

Muthia Pramesti