Triana Hadiprawoto is a versatile marketing expert with a rich academic background and substantial industry experience. Holding a PhD in Marketing from the University of Leeds, she delved into the complexities of customer interaction in omnichannel retail. Triana’s versatility shines through her roles as a Sales and Marketing leader and as a dedicated lecturer at the University of Indonesia, where she imparts her expertise in International Marketing, Marketing Communication, and Strategic Management. With a Master of Science in International Marketing Management and a Bachelor of Economics in Marketing from the University of Leeds and the University of Indonesia, respectively, Triana brings a well-rounded perspective to her work. Her commitment to knowledge sharing extends to training and workshops in the fields of sales and marketing.
She is currently the Training Manager at the UKM Center, Faculty of Economic and Business, Universitas Indonesia (UKMC FEB UI). Her research interests include retail business, fashion marketing, digital transformation, and consumer behaviour towards popular culture.